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Elm Hill Labs has been specializing in the production of guinea pigs exclusively for the research community for over 50 years. All Elm Hill Hartley Guinea Pigs and Multicolored Guinea pigs are Virus-Antibody-Free. We take pride in being recognized throughout the industry for the excellent quality of our guinea pigs, for outstanding service, and for our genuine concern for each customer's particular needs.


Our guinea pig production facility is "state of the art". It is a single species, barrier sustained building.


"Know Your Supplier"

  • How long are your guinea pigs actually in their shipping cartons? Are they put in the boxes just prior to shipment... or must they sit in the containers while an entire truck of various species are weighed and packaged? Elm Hill makes up the orders, puts them in marked cages, and places them in the cartons just prior to departure.
  • Do you have flexibility in ordering? Can orders be placed on the day of delivery? Are you able to make changes on short notice? Elm Hill can make last minute changes or additions on a moment's notice.
  • Are all delivery vehicles owned and operated by your supplier? Are these vehicles used only for the species that you request? Is there any chance of cross-contamination during shipment? Elm Hill is a single species vendor.
  • Are your guinea pigs delivered by employees of the supplier, or simply by a trucking company? All of our drivers are Elm Hill employees who know the proper care and handling of the animals during transit.
  • If air transportation is required, does your supplier work with you to arrange a convenient and efficient shipment plan? Due to careful planning, Elm Hill air shipments are often in transit less time than "direct" delivery by other suppliers.
  • Do you receive Health Status Reports with every shipment?
  • Does your present supplier encourage site visits and customer feedback?
  • When you spend your research dollars, make sure that you are getting the service you deserve. At Elm Hill Labs., "Guinea Pig Production is Our Business... Our Only Business

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